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Guide covers how to hire or become an associate

Guide covers how to hire or become an associate

The ADA Catalog has a useful resource for dentists considering becoming an associate and owners thinking about hiring one.

Associateships: A Guide for Owners and Prospective Associates covers all the aspects of associateships, such as reasons for becoming or adding an associate, locating opportunities and candidates, how to make an associateship work and options for financial arrangements. The guide also features sample contracts in Word format that can be edited as well as Excel tables to help with cash flow projections, determining an associate’s compensation and other financial decisions.

The book with CD-ROM (J045) is $69.95 for members and $104.95 for nonmembers, and the downloadable e-book (J045D) is $49.95 for members and $74.95 for nonmembers.

Through July 31, the ADA is offering a 15 percent discount on all ADA Catalog products with priority code 11178. All products are available online at or by calling 1-800-947-4746.