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National Dental Benefits Conference speakers announced

Learn about insurance benefits, electronic health records, the role of dental carriers in disease management and more at the National Dental Benefits Conference this summer.

The conference on Aug. 5 at ADA Headquarters will begin with a continental breakfast at 7 a.m. and run until 4:30 p.m.

The Council on Dental Benefit Programs said dentists attending will receive up to 2.5 continuing education credits. The lineup for the conference includes:

  • Health Choices: Building an Insurance Marketplace—Rose Naff, chief executive officer for Florida Health Choices Inc., Florida’s Small Business Health Insurance Marketplace, will discuss decisions that will need to be made regarding insurance market choices for the American Health Benefit Exchange plans, set to take effect in 2014.
  • Building Your Business Another Way: Workers Compensation Claims and Other Insurance Coverage—Learn how to handle workers compensation claims, including documentation, payment/billing and authorization for treatment. Laura McLain from Express Dental Care will discuss the process for handling other lines of coverage for accidents or trauma. She’ll also discuss peer reviews, second opinions and independent medical evaluations.
  • The Role of Dental Carriers in Disease Management and Caries Prevention—Dr. John Luther, chief dental officer for United Healthcare Dental, will provide an overview of how coverage and reimbursement is determined today and how it may change and share some wellness models in development.
  • Dental Benefits Evolve to Incorporate Evidence-Based Dental Care and the Interrelationships Between Oral and Systemic Health—Dr. William Kohn, vice president for dental science and policy at Delta Dental Plans Association, will discuss the emphasis over the past decade on evidence-based dental care and the increasing amount of clinical evidence from systematic research regarding oral diseases and systemic health.
  • Embracing the Electronic Dental Record—Kathleen Noll, vice president of technical marketing and implementations for QSIDental, will provide information about the selection, implementation and cost savings associated with installing an electronic health record.
  • Fraud and Dental Benefits Programs—Dr. Barry L. Johnson, a founding partner of HealthCare Insight, will discuss provider profiling and focused review and the use of dental consultants and dental fraud experts.
  • Quality Measures in TRICARE Dental Contracts—Dr. Jeffrey Chaffin, colonel in the U.S. Army and chief of the dental care branch for TRICARE Management Activity, will present quality measures for the three dental plan contracts for the Department of Defense beneficiaries.

Registration is $50 and can be done online at