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ADA Foundation approves research grant for Health Screening Program

During its June meeting, the ADA Foundation approved a research grant of more than $107,000 to support the ADA Health Screening Program at this year’s Annual Session.

ADAF President David Whiston said the Foundation Board was pleased to fund research that is part of annual session.

“The data gathered from demonstrating chairside screening for occupational risks to the health care team is extremely important to public health and the profession,” he said. “In addition, the HSP is looking at other general medical screenings that can be performed in a dental office, such as tests for heart disease and diabetes, for example, that could help improve public health in significant ways.

“The ADA Foundation is proud to promote research, such as this, that is designed to improve our patients’ overall health.”

This year’s Health Screening Program will be Oct. 10-12 at the ADA Annual Session in Las Vegas. For more information about the ADA Foundation, visit