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GKAS hits the fast track

Commemorative car lets donors display support for Give Kids A Smile NASCAR event

Dentists who make a donation in honor of an upcoming Give Kids A Smile/NASCAR special event planned for Oct. 15 at Charlotte Motor Speedway will not only contribute to nationwide education and awareness efforts to help children in need of dental care, but will also come away with a one-of-a-kind memento to commemorate the occasion.

Image: Collectorʼs edition die-cast NASCAR car No. 16 with GKAS logo

NASCAR competitor Greg Biffle’s No. 16 car will sport the GKAS logo as it hits the track and volunteer dental professionals will provide oral health screenings and education for up to 350 children on race day at this special event—a unique kickoff to celebrate the GKAS program’s 10th anniversary in 2012.

Donors who make a $250 contribution will receive a collectorʼs edition die-cast NASCAR car No. 16 with custom replica graphics and a unique, commemorative plaque stand to display in the dental office. (The cash net donation of $189—less the cost of the commemorative car, stand and postage—is tax deductible.) Donations will benefit the ADA GKAS National Education and Awareness Program.

“The 3M and Henry Schein Cares support of GKAS through this event has many benefits for the program and its ability to improve oral health education and access to care to NASCAR nation,” said Steve Kess, chair of the GKAS National Advisory Committee and vice president of Global Professional Relations, Henry Schein Inc. “We also hope, with the support from the dental community and industry, to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support GKAS as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2012.”

“At 3M we’re accustomed to identifying uncommon connections—like NASCAR and children’s oral health—that lead to positive outcomes, so we’re thrilled to be part of the effort that is bringing together one of the most popular sporting events with a health-conscious message about oral care for our young people,” said John Stefanick, director, Industry and Professional Relations, 3M ESPE. “In partnership with Henry Schein Cares, and with the support of dental professionals and industry, we can bring oral health and education to hundreds of children through this GKAS initiative.”

Visit to make a donation and order a commemorative car.