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Midweek meeting offers advantages, savings

Las Vegas—It’s not by chance that the ADA’s 152nd Annual Session will convene here Monday, Oct. 10, through Thursday, Oct. 13—there are some definite advantages for attendees to travel, learn, network and relax on a midweek schedule.

Image: Ready for Annual Session: Las Vegas will welcome the ADA in October.
Ready for Annual Session: Las Vegas will welcome the ADA in October.

“Las Vegas hotel rates are significantly more affordable on weekdays than they are on weekends,” said Richard C. Harper, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing for MGM Resorts International. “Weekends are in peak demand for Las Vegas and command higher rates as a result. By taking advantage of the midweek pattern, the ADA was able to negotiate more favorable rates.”

Airfares are typically more affordable, Mr. Harper added, and the proximity of the airport to Las Vegas attractions also saves visitors time and money.

“Las Vegas has one of the best airports in the country,” he said. “Averaging nearly 500 flights a day, McCarran International Airport is by far closer to the major resorts than any other major destination, saving on time and transportation costs. Like the hotels, the airports price their flights based on demand. With Friday and Saturday being the busiest days of the week, you can expect to see price differences that are more favorable for weekday arrivals/departures.”

Other advantages for midweek visitors, he added, are “easier access to restaurants, pools, spas, shows and the casinos. Las Vegas in general averages a 13 percent increase in visitation from conferences compared to other cities, which is also a benefit for ADA.”

Historically, Las Vegas has been a popular destination for the ADA Annual Session, drawing among the highest totals for attendance of any meetings. For instance in 2006, more than 40,000 attended the ADA’s Annual Session in Las Vegas.

“The ADA works hard to provide the best member value and give our attendees what they want,” said Dr. Kevin M. Laing, 2011 chair of the Council on ADA Sessions. “We hope all who attend will develop new clinical skills when they choose from more than 250 continuing education courses and purchase new products and equipment from among the more than 500 dental exhibitors at the World Marketplace exhibition. These are things dental professionals can bring back to their practice after the meeting that will help them improve patient care and their bottom line.

“We also hope that hard-working dentists and staff members will take advantage of all the excitement that Las Vegas offers.”

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