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ADA membership offers many valuable benefits

Why are you not a member?

“Take a look at what ADA has to offer,” said Dr. Virginia Hughson-Otte, chair of the ADA Council on Membership. By her own reckoning, Dr. Hughson-Otte is passionate about reaching out to every nonmember to find the answer to that question.

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“What organization has practice management, legal review, successful practice tools, multiple insurance programs, great continuing education and a referral center tailored to your very own membership website?” she asks. “The ADA, that’s who.”

The Council on Membership works tirelessly to inform every member and nonmember of the ever-evolving membership benefits the Association has to offer, said Dr. Hughson-Otte. “I’m confident that the ADA has something for everyone if colleagues would take the time to reach out and try the ADA on for size.”

Some features of membership that make a difference include:

  • Find a Dentist on Members can design and create their own profile and use it as a trusted referral source.
  • Practice management downloads: Resources from the ADA support every career stage and help make members successful.
  • Three levels that have your back: Great value for every membership dollar supported at the local, state and national levels of the profession.
  • Advocacy: Activities that maintain the dentist as the leader of the dental team.

Join now at and enjoy these special membership promotions:

  • Prorated dues: As long as you were not a member in 2010, the ADA offers prorated dues. Apply now and receive the next six months of dues at 50 percent off. Most state and local dental societies match this ADA rate.
  • A new dentist special promotional incentive: Nonmember dentists who are five to 10 years out of dental school who join this year will pay the applicable local and state dues and receive 50 percent off national dues.

“The ADA is looking to be your No. 1 association and we want you to join our elite team of successful members,” said Dr. Hughson-Otte. “I would be honored to personally welcome you in to our Association as a new member, a returning member, or just thank you for continuing to be one of our respected members that continue to make the ADA their right choice as a professional organization.”

Additional information about the value ADA membership carries can be found online at