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Schedule appointments now for Annual Session Health Screening Program

Appointments are available for this year’s Health Screening Program at Annual Session.

This year’s HSP will be held from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Oct. 10-12 and appointments for member dentists are available from 7-11:30 a.m. Clinical dental professionals can participate as walk-ins from noon-3 p.m. All attendees must first register for the Annual Session at before they can make their appointment.

Some of the screenings offered this year include:

  • blood pressure;
  • height and weight;
  • carotid artery ultrasound;
  • point-of-service finger stick blood testing demonstration;
  • delayed hypersensitivity to common dental chemicals;
  • latex allergy;
  • blood chemistry, including hemoglobin A1c and VAP cholesterol;
  • hepatitis B;
  • urinary mercury.

Fasting before blood sampling is not required this year because the assays that will be performed are not affected by transient increases in blood glucose or lipids. Optional screenings will also be available for a small charge.

The health screenings constitute the foundation for a research program that now boasts the largest longitudinal national database on the health of dental professionals. Data from past health screening programs has been used as the basis for many policies subsequently developed for infection control, including standard precautions, amalgam safety, the effects of latex sensitivity and bloodborne pathogens, and has enabled researchers to publish more than 60 publications.

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