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ADA News Convention Daily Oct. 2

ADA leaders welcome members and guests

"Aloha, y'all," said ADA President John Findley, mixing an island greeting with the hospitality of his native Texas to welcome members and guests to Wednesday's Opening General Session of the ADA's 150th Annual Session. Go to full story.

Society achievement honored in 2009 Golden Apple Awards

The 21st annual Golden Apple Awards, presented by the ADA to recognize dental society activities and excellence ­in leadership, were announced in September. Go to full story.

Words of wisdom to new dentists: select a business model that fits

Sharing stories and insights as both an educator and a colleague from a small town Ohio private practice, Dr. Gary DeWood encouraged his audience to visualize where they want to go so they can take steps to get there. Go to full story.

Caution is critical in picking patients for crown lengthening

The first step in deciding whether to proceed with a crown-lengthening procedure is to see if you can talk yourself out of it, Dr. Jon Suzuki told a full house attending his live patient demonstration yesterday at the Hawaii Convention Center. Go to full story.

Award-winning Brazilian dentists set to present research at annual session

Two award-winning Brazilian dentists will present a combined continuing education course on Sunday at the ADA annual session. Go to full story.