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Association weighs in on health care legislation amendments

The Association "believes it is imperative that individuals and families have access to quality benefits and dentists," ADA officials told the Senate Finance Committee as that panel began considering health care reform legislation.

With grassroots lobbying assistance, the Association staked out positions on seven of 564 expected amendments to a committee draft bill. Dentists in town for the Michigan Dental Association's annual congressional lobby lined up support for one of those measures, an ADA-proposed amendment intended to "ensure that individuals and families who like their current dental coverage can continue to keep it in any future health insurance exchange."

"The American Dental Association would like you to know our position on a number of amendments that are expected to be offered during the Finance Committee's markup of health care reform legislation," Dr. John S. Findley, Association president, and Dr. Kathleen T. O'Loughlin, executive director, said in a letter to the committee chair, Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.).

"The ADA appreciates the hard work that has been done by the Committee on health care reform," the ADA officials said. "Our goal is to ensure that the American public continues to have access to the best oral health care in the world." 

The Association's policy letter will be posted in the Health Reform content area on