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Revised standards ready for review, comment

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs has approved for circulation for review and comment a proposed revision to ANSI/ADA Specification No. 125-2009 for Manual Interdental Brushes.

ANSI/ADA Specification No. 125-2009 is an identical adoption of ISO 16409:2006 Dentistry—Oral Hygiene Products—Manual Interdental Brushes. The proposed revision incorporates ISO 16409:2006/Amendment 1:2010, which consists of a revision of Table 1—Brush Size of Interdental Brushes.

This standard specifies requirements and test methods for performance criteria for manual interdental brushes with a round cross-section of the brush head. It also specifies the accompanying information, such as the manufacturer’s instructions for use and labeling of the packaging. This standard is not applicable to powered interdental brushes, manual toothbrushes, dental floss, tapes and strings, nor is it applicable to interdental cleaners that do not include filaments.

Copies of the draft specification may be obtained by calling the ADA toll-free number, Ext. 2506 or emailing