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Pawn Stars offer straight talk on would-be treasures

IMAGE: Session-goers seek appraisals
Tuesday action: Session-goers seek appraisals.
Couple walks into the “Pawn Stars” roadshow Tuesday at Annual Session, says grandma brought the conch cameo “from Russia or Poland” circa 1913. Rick Harrison, one of the popular TV foursome, eyeballs it, replies, “Europe? She lied to you; they’re made in the United States.”

This is no joke. Guy walks onto the set at the LOC (Learn Optimize Connect) main stage on the exhibit floor at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center with Civil War letters to mother, written in ink, and Rick kindly suggests he donate them to the local library or museum. “Letters from the Civil War are not that uncommon,” he says. “There was no email, no Internet. I have hundreds of these right now.”

They’re pressing all kinds of stuff to the four stars stars of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars Gold & Silver Roadshow, Richard Harrison (Old Man), Rick Harrison, Austin “Chumlee” Russell and Corey Harrison.

But Rick’s taking the on-camera action and it would appear to the audience of, say, 250-300 session goers laughing it up that Rick’s not in a buying mood.

Pawn Stars: Austin “Chumlee” Russell (from left), Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison and Richard Harrison (Old Man) bring their History Channel roadshow to Annual Session Tuesday. 

They bring electronic gizmos, baubles from a Saudi prince, jewelry of a certain age, Elvis tickets, a cast-iron Mickey Mouse (“I’d never buy it.”), and a Viking era hunting spoon? “Probably not.”

Ah, but this was showtime at session, and the SOLD sign flashed and rang even for Rick while ticket holders lined up for personal appraisals and the other pawn guys examined the day’s offerings.

At the end of the day they had purchased gold diamond and ruby bracelets for $550, a black and gold Dunhill lighter for $80, four silver dollars for $100, a Kentucky Derby program for $150, 11 grams of dental gold for $250, an 1881 gold half eagle coin set in a gold bezel for $950 and 3.5 ounces of dental gold for $2,000.