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Creating a legacy of mentoring

Creating a legacy of mentoring
Anne Wells

Las Vegas—Dental professionals interacted Oct. 12 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center with scientific session mentors Anne Wells, Ed.D., and Dr. W. David Brunson on “creating a legacy for the next generation in our profession,” at scientific session Course 7302 officially titled Mentoring for Admission to Dental School: A Prescription for Success.

Attendees, mentees themselves for this Annual Session course, offered their own “feel-good” personal experiences mentoring students, and the two American Dental Education Association mentors offered “a Dave and Anne list” of top 10 characteristics of a successful dental school applicant, a list neither ADEA- nor ADA-sponsored but offered from their experience. From one to 10 and infused with experiential observation:

  • demonstrates a passion for the profession;
  • balances multiple priorities;
  • has a significant role in a meaningful research project;
  • demonstrates strong leadership;
  • demonstrates strong ethical values and professional stature;
  • submits strong letters of recommendation;
  • is well-acquainted with the admissions process at dental schools being considered;
  • knows the strengths and fit of institutions;
  • demonstrates clear career goals;
  • applies early and to more than one school.

ADEA’s Dr. Brunson is associate director, Center for Equity and Diversity, and Dr. Wells, associate executive director and director, Division of Educational Pathways.

This interactive course was designed to sharpen mentoring skills and expertise and raise awareness of the need for mentoring to achieve admission to dental school, especially for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and from areas historically underrepresented in dentistry.