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Dentist legislators speak out against amalgam resolution

Washington—Two dentist members of Congress urged colleagues in the House of Representatives "NOT" to sign onto H. Res. 648, "which calls for limiting and even eliminating the use of amalgam in certain circumstances."

Dentist/Reps. John Linder (R-Ga.) and Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) in a related letter told the FDA commissioner, Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., "We acknowledge that some of our colleagues in Congress are using false theories in the hope of banning dental amalgam…Unfortunately, they are not listening to the science on this issue."

The "Dear Colleague" and FDA letters asserted professional guidance on public policy. "As dentists, we firmly believe that public policy should be based on credible, peer-reviewed science and not on scare tactics or the political agenda of some anti-amalgam activists," Reps. Linder and Simpson said.