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Hawaiian or 'Aloha' attire for annual session

Honolulu—When packing for annual session, the ADA would like to remind attendees that attire in Hawaii is "resort wear," even at the most luxurious resorts and restaurants. Visitors are encouraged to dress for comfort. Light colors and fabrics work best for warm days. Cooler evening temperatures might require a sweater and slacks, and a jacket is recommended for those planning to venture into cool upland regions.

"Resort business wear" is appropriate attire for most annual session functions, and includes the classic, colorful Hawaiian print "aloha" shirt combined with slacks and shoes for men. A casual dress, blouse and skirt and heeled shoes are appropriate for women. For evening functions, a light sweater or jacket is recommended.

"Resort casual wear" includes T-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, shorts, jeans, sundresses, sneakers and sandals which are all good choices.

In keeping with the island atmosphere, the Speaker of the ADA House of Delegates has indicated that resort business wear is appropriate for meetings of the House of Delegates. Business wear includes casual slacks, aloha shirts, knit shirts with collar and optional sports jacket for men; slacks and skirts or dresses for women.

Attire for the Presidential Gala is "resort evening wear," which includes an "aloha" or similar style shirt, sports jacket, slacks, skirts or dresses.

For other events, please check with the sponsoring organization for the proper attire.