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Dental Practice Hub launches at

ADA members gain access to ongoing economic and practice advice, resources online

The ADA Council on Dental Practice says the Dental Practice Hub will be the best online destination for dentists.

Launching this month, the hub ( will provide ADA members with access to practical tips, expert sources and the latest news and research about how dental offices can prosper today and in the future.

"ADA members are going to get a lot of advice right off the Web site that they would otherwise have to pay for," said Dr. Halasz, a CDP member and chair of the Subcommittee on Economic Issues. Created through CDP, the group is charged with identifying ways to help ADA members survive and thrive in tough economic times.

The idea to centralize information on took off as the SEI worked with the ADA Health Policy Resources Center to assess the effects of the recession on the profession.

"Through the quarterly economic surveys dentists tell us what resources they’re looking for," explained Dr. Mark Ritz, who serves on the CDP and the SEI. "It's one of the exciting things about this Web site. We can add new resources in response to our members' needs and requests."

No longer will ADA members have to search through a wide variety of Web sites to find the latest news on dental practice. A dynamic destination, will be continually updated so ADA members can rely on it during this recession and in any economic climate.

The Web site has four primary sections—Economic Impact, Patient Communications, Practice Management and Practice Building.

  • Economic Impact demonstrates how the economy is affecting the profession and provides guidance on what dentists can do to make their practices financially viable.
  • Patient Communications provides tips to strengthen the patient-to-dentist relationship.
  • Practice Management highlights issues including dental benefits, staffing issues and practice transitions.
  • Practice Building outlines cost-effective tips to build the dental practice.

"Our intent was to give ADA members a wide array of information and advice that they can use to help their practices at any time," explained Dr. Christopher Larsen, CDP and SEI member. "That it's free to ADA members is a great advantage."

Dr. Bill D'Aiuto, who serves on the CDP and the SEI, calls the Web site an evolving practice resource.

"On one hand, you're given access to timeless and sage advice along many practice parameters from experts in our field," said Dr. D'Aiuto. "On the other hand, you will be privy to ideas and resources from wet-gloved dentists like yourself who compete and win against the challenges you face in your offices every day."

Dr. Ritz thinks the Web site will help all ADA members better understand what's happening in dental practices throughout the country.

"So many of us practice in solo settings, that it's easy to feel you're the only one experiencing practice differences you don't know what to do about," said Dr. Ritz. "On the Dental Practice Hub, members will receive timely updates on the economy and its impact on dentistry while also accessing patient communication and practice building tools."

ADA members who have suggestions for content at should click "contact us," at the top of each of the online pages. For more information contact Dr. Pam Porembski, ( or call toll-free, Ext. 7463.