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ADA CERP seeks input on revisions

The ADA's Continuing Education Recognition Program has revised its recognition standards and procedures, re-evaluated a mutual recognition process with the Academy of General Dentistry and released a new logo.

In addition, the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure has issued a call for comments regarding proposed revisions to the CERP Recognition Standards and Procedures. Comments from the communities of interest are due Sept. 1. The proposed revisions include:

  • changes to the eligibility criteria to allow "sole providers" to apply for ADA CERP recognition;
  • expansion of the role of the independent advisory committee;
  • additional guidelines regarding the separation of promotional activities from continuing dental education activities, and management of commercial funding to ensure that all providers comply with existing requirements for noncommercial CE with a sound scientific basis.

More information is available online at

In March, ADA CERP and the Academy of General Dentistry's Council on the Continuing Education Recognition Program met to discuss potential mutual recognition, or reciprocity, between CERP and the AGD's Program Approval for Continuing Education. The first phase of the work plan—a systematic review and side-by-side comparison of the two programs' standards—has been completed. Revisions have been proposed to the CERP and PACE standards to achieve consistency in mandatory criteria.

The ADA CERP now recognizes 398 providers of CE. Read more about the program on at

The Continuing Education Recognition Program is an American Dental Association service designed to help dental professionals identify quality providers of continuing dental education.

Through an application and review process, the ADA CERP evaluates and recognizes institutions and organizations that provide CE.

The role of ADA CERP is to evaluate providers of continuing dental education and help state boards and other organizations that have CE requirements identify providers whose activities are acceptable for credit. The ADA CERP does not approve the specific courses or credit hours that providers offer.