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Membership a bargain for recent grads

Did you know that recent graduates can take advantage of special savings on ADA membership dues during their first four years following dental school graduation?

It's true.

• The first year following dental school graduation, the national dues rate is $0;

• The second year, it's 25 percent of full dues ($131);

• The third year, it's 50 percent ($261);

• The fourth year, it's 75 percent ($392);

• The fifth year and thereafter, 100 percent ($522).

If you haven't joined the ADA yet, contact us now to start taking advantage of the benefits that more than 157,000 of your colleagues already enjoy. If you're in a residency or advanced dental education training program, you'll pay $30 while in training and continue with reduced dues once you've completed your training.

To apply for membership, complete an application at; contact your state dental association; or call 1-312-440-2500.