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Dental examination commission seeks public member

The agency responsible for the development and administration of the National Board Dental and Dental Hygiene Examinations is seeking nominations for a public member to serve a four-year term.

To identify applicants, the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations is asking the dental community for assistance. 

“It is very important to the work of the Joint Commission that the public member be willing to become a concerned and knowledgeable person about the dental National Board Examination process,” said Dr. Ron J. Seeley, JCNDE chair. “That person represents the public’s perspective to the Joint Commission, a perspective that cannot be lost for the Joint Commission to do its job properly.”

In addition to the public member, the 15-member JCNDE includes representatives of dental schools, dental practice, state dental examining boards, dental hygienists and dental students. As a full voting member, the public member must be able to communicate via e-mail and attend a two-day annual meeting at the ADA Headquarters in Chicago in the spring.

The public member may also be called upon to serve on ad hoc committees.

The public member should be familiar with health care issues, testing, credentialing or advocating for the interest of the public, but should not have personal involvement, employment or relationships with a direct, substantial interest in dentistry or dental hygiene.

For details on the responsibilities of the position, the eligibility requirements and how to obtain an application, contact the Joint Commission at 1-800-232-1694 or

The applicant selected will begin serving a four-year term in October 2010. Applications and letters of support are due Jan. 4, 2010.