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ADAidm to phase out service

Customers to receive refunds

ADA Business Enterprises, Inc., an ADA subsidiary, announced July 10 that ADA Intelligent Dental Marketing (ADAidm) of Salt Lake City, is no longer able to provide marketing services to its customers due to significant production and operational difficulties.

ADAidm will be providing customers with full refunds for paid undelivered goods and services. ADABEI hopes to process all refunds by mid-September. Customers are being notified and special teams at ADABEI and ADAidm are working to resolve customer issues on an individual basis. Operations for ADAidm are being transferred to the ADABEI offices in Chicago to better address the resolution of customer accounts.

"We regret that some ADAidm customers have experienced fulfillment difficulties with the company," said Dr. Robert Faiella, ADA 1st District trustee and ADABEI chair. "We believe we have found the most effective way to resolve outstanding issues, by providing a full refund for any paid undelivered goods and services."

The ADA Board of Trustees took definitive action, appointing Dr. Faiella as chair of ADABEI to resolve ADAidm issues as well as to oversee the successful ongoing ADABEI programs.

One of the key issues for many ADAidm customers is transitioning Web sites from ADAidm to another vendor. ADABEI has assured customers that their sites are secure and they will have ample time to transition to new vendors.

ADABEI is also working to see that customers receive any materials, such as artwork or mailers, which were in ADAidm's possession.

ADABEI announced the formation of ADAidm in February 2007, after research showed that ADA members wanted more help in building and marketing their dental practices.