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New ADA informatics reports available

The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics has approved for review and comment two draft technical reports.

Proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1057 for Interoperability of Imaging Technologies in Today's Dental Practice discusses interoperability issues that arise when digital radiography and photography are integrated into a dental practice. The report describes the features of Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine that facilitate resolution of these issues.

These guidelines are intended to assist dental offices in achieving interoperability within their imaging and practice management systems and with external health care data systems. Descriptions of the components of a digital radiography system and guidelines on what to look for when choosing digital radiography components are included.

Proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1059 Toward a Standard for Radiographic Cephalometric Interoperability provides guidelines on how to use DICOM for cephalograms. The report was developed to fill a need of the orthodontics profession for managing digital cephalograms.

The guidelines describe a method for the storage and transfer of digital cephalograms, along with their clinical data, in an interoperable, DICOM compatible format. The document covers scanned film-based cephalograms as well as digitally created cephalograms. 

Copies of the draft technical reports are available by calling the ADA toll-free number, Ext. 2506, or sending an e-mail request to