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Keep up with ADA research briefs

The ADA Health Policy Resources periodically publishes research briefs on topics of interest and importance to dentists.

All of the briefs are available for download. The most recent briefs include:

• Despite Economic Recovery, Dentist Earnings Remain Flat (October 2013);

• Dental Benefits Continue to Expand for Children, Remain Stable for Working-Age Adults (October 2013);

• Dental Care Utilization Continues to Decline Among Working-Age Adults, Increases Among the Elderly, Stable Among Children (October 2013);

• Financial Barriers to Dental Care Declining after a Decade of Steady Increase (October 2013);

• Dental Expenditure Expected to Grow at a Much Lower Rate in the Coming Years (August 2013);

• Dental-Related Emergency Department Visits on the Increase in the United States (May 2013).