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The ADA Health Policy Resources periodically publishes research briefs on topics of interest and importance to dentists.

Los Angeles—Scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles discovered that diamonds at a much smaller scale than those found in jewelry could be used to stimulate bone growth, treat oral-related diseases and improve dental implants.

Alexandria, Va.—Swedish researchers who studied the possible adverse health effects on bone tissue from long-term exposure to fluoridated drinking water found no association between chronic fluoride exposure and hip fracture.

The use of topical fluoride to prevent caries is examined in the November issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association.

The choice was to write an essay or make a video. Five University of Texas dental students opted for the video, a wise move that yielded double rewards. Not only did they win the 2013 Dental Students Ethics Video Contest grand prize, but they also earned school credit.

Two recent studies have examined how statins—a class of prescription drugs taken by millions of patients worldwide to lower or control cholesterol levels—might affect patients' dental health.

The ADA CDT 2014 Kit is a best-seller for good reasons.

Watch the puzzled looks disappear from your patients' faces when you explain their dental condition and your treatment plan using The Chairside Instructor: A Visual Guide to Case Presentations.

Kansas City, Mo.—The ADA 28th New Dentist Conference is dedicating a full day of leadership development during the July 17-19 weekend-long session.

Lexington, Ky.—Dr. Alvin L. Morris, a former recipient of the ADA Distinguished Service Award, died Oct. 10. He was 86 years old.

When it comes to continuing education, he's quite popular. Dr. Peter Zahi Tawil, an endodontist, is one of the leading authors of peer-reviewed CE courses offered through ADA CE Online.

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