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QuickRay Direct USB

The QuickRay sensor gives you the highest x-ray resolution and clarity, and connects directly to your computer’s USB port. The rounded corners and smooth edges optimize patient comfort. The QuickRay sensor is the fastest dental sensor on the market – view x-rays in only 3 seconds!
 Product Images 
Image: QuickRay Direct USB  Image: QuickRay Direct USB  Image: QuickRay Direct USB
 Product Details 

  • Available is Size #1 or Size #2
  • size #1 - 600mm / Size 2 - 900mm
  • Direct 2.0 USB Connection; no data box
  • 1/4" thin intraoral sensor includes a CMOS image chip
  • Now compatible with Dexis V. 10, Eaglesoft, and MacPractice!
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