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Vendor:  Microcopy
NEODRYS®, ultimate parotid saliva control, advanced inner core traps moisture quickly to provide a superior dry field. No messy leaks, even with the core fully saturated. Its moisture-proof backing protects the cheek from abrasion and bounces light into the working area. Our patented Comfort Edge® eliminates material that causes patient discomfort.
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Image: NeoDrys  Image: NeoDrys  Image: NeoDrys
 Product Details 

  • Large and Small size, and White and ReFlective backing.
  • Up to 15 minutes of contol of the entire parotid area.
  • Retracts and protects the cheek.
  • Super absorbent core far outlasts cotton rolls or other pads
  • No loose cotton fibers left in the mouth.
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