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Whether you are wondering about dentistry as a career, or completing your licensure requirements and preparing to care for patients, the ADA has the resources to help you lay the foundation for a promising future.

Need more information? Want personal assistance?  Please contact the ADA Office of Student Affairs at 312.440.7470 or via e-mail at

Resources for Dental Students

Dental Student Finances 

Learn more about managing your finances in dental school and beyond.  Visit our Dental Student Finances section for information about Insurance, Loan Repayment, and more. 

During Dental School

Managing your school commitments while planning for your future is a big job-look here for resources on career options, advanced education, and starting a practice. Have questions about your ADA student membership? This is the place.

Dental Boards and Licensure

Access National Board Dental Examinations (NBDE), licensure, and clinical licensure exam information here. You'll also find a complimentary and customizable resource to help communicate licensure exam information to patients.

After Dental School

Congratulations! Map out your next steps with information on transitioning your membership, finding an associateship, connecting with other new dentists, and information on starting, buying or joining a practice.

International Students

Whether you would like to join the ADA while staying in your country of origin, or hope to move to the United States and practice dentistry here, you'll find the information you need to take the next step.