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Benefits of  ADA Membership

As member of the American Dental Association, you'll receive a host of benefits that will make a difference in your practice and in your profession. Join nearly 70% of your colleagues as an ADA Member.

Reasons to Join the ADA:

  • Save time and Money
  • Find Support when you need it most
  • Network and build your community of colleagues and friends
  • Advocate for access to oral health care and positive practice environments
  • Influence oral health policy at the state and national levels
  • Raise awareness on the importance of oral health for everyone
  • Stay informed with respected information
  • Enrich your practice with relevant science and research
  • Access reliable continuing education

Reasons to join are as vast and varied as the resources and services the ADA provides its members.  With so many new and enhanced benefits - take a look at 150 Reasons to be a Member and find a new reason for you. 

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Recent graduates enjoy graduated payments with the ADA Reduced Dues Program

The ADA Reduced Dues Program allows recent graduates to become members with graduated payments.

  • The first full calendar year following dental school graduation, the national dues rate is $0;
  • in the second year, it is 25 percent of full dues/assessment;
  • in the third year, 50 percent;
  • in the fourth year, 75 percent,
  • and in the fifth year and thereafter, it is 100 percent.

Recent graduates who enter into a graduate program within the five years following dental school graduation pay the graduate student rate of $30/year during the program, and are eligible to either begin or resume the Reduced Dues Program schedule upon completion. Most state and local dental societies offer similar reductions, and the program requires continuous membership from dental school graduation. 

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ADA Bylaws and Principles of Ethics

Feel free to review the ADA's Constitution and Bylaws and Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and to learn more about how membership works at the Association. To uphold the integrity of the Association and profession, members of the ADA voluntarily agree to abide by the ADA Code and Bylaws as a condition of membership in the Association.

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