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Online JADA CE Test Forms

Program Details

Four articles in each issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association are designated as CE vehicles in this self-study program. Read one or more of the articles and answer the related questions using the online test forms below. Effective March 2013, if you correctly answer three of the four questions per article, you now earn one hour of CE credit—or a total of four credit hours for all four articles, double the previous total. This is effective for all active CE tests (in other words, tests for the current month and the previous 11 months).

Your entry will be evaluated by the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Dentistry. The University of Colorado School of Dentistry and the American Dental Association are ADA CERP recognized providers. CE credit issued by ADA CERP recognized providers is accepted by the Academy of General Dentistry. Continuing education credits issued for participation in the CE activity may not apply toward license renewal in all licensing jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify the CE requirements of his/her licensing or regulatory agency.

You will be charged $20 per test entry regardless of the number of questions answered. By joining the American Dental Association, you would receive JADA in print and online as part of your membership dues and also qualify for a discounted JADA CE fee. Learn more about joining the ADA.

Credit for the CE program expires one year from the date of publication. Duplicate submissions will be disregarded, whether they are additional electronic submissions for a given issue’s quiz or redundant paper and electronic submissions. Please submit each quiz only once.

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Online Test Forms

Continuing education tests from the most recent 12 months of JADA are available by following the links below:

2014 Tests 2013 Tests


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Printable Question and Answer Sheets

If you would like to print out the question and answer sheets as they appear in the print edition of JADA for reference or to submit by postal mail, you can download them in PDF format using the hyperlinks below.

2014 Printable Forms 2013 Printable Forms



Contact Information

Any questions? Contact Christine Cook at the University of Colorado at 1-800-736-1911 or e-mail

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