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The ADA’s Health Policy Resources Center (HPRC) collects and analyzes data and other information on a wide range of dental-related issues.

HPRC has a variety of publications available to the dental profession, policy-makers, and the public, and also maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Research Briefs and Publications

See the latest HPRC Research Briefs on topics such as dentist incomes, dental care utilization, national dental expenditures, practice expenses, and access to care.

Titles and descriptions of reports available for purchase are listed by topic area below.

Listings of our most recently published reports are also available.

Read descriptions, see tables of contents, view prices, and place orders in the ADA Catalog.

As a benefit to ADA members, select publications are available to download free of charge.

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Custom Services

HPRC has an excellent historical database, going back over decades for certain subjects. Many reports on dental education, workforce and economics are published as a series; some are available back to the 1950s. Custom research and consulting services are available at a reasonable charge. These services include:

  • Custom-run Data Analysis
  • Research Samples of Dentists
  • Use of Copyrighted Materials Request
  • Dental Geographic Information System (DGIS) 
  • Detailed State-Specific Dental Workforce Analysis

Visit the Custom Services section to learn more.

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Additional Resources

Contact Information
American Dental Association
Health Policy Resources Center
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone: ADA member toll-free number
or 312-440-2500

If there is any statistical information related to dentistry that you cannot locate, or there is a service you are interested in that is not outlined here, we encourage you to contact HPRC to find out how we may be able to help you.