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ADA Humanitarian Award

In 2007, The American Dental Association announced the inception of the new ADA Humanitarian Award. This prestigious award recognizes dentist members who have distinguished themselves by outstanding, unselfish leadership and at least a ten year commitment to their fellow human beings in the field of dentistry, through the dedication of extraordinary time and professional skills to improve the oral health of underserved populations in the United States and abroad.

The award recognizes individual volunteer commitment and leadership that has had a broad impact on oral health and the improvement of the human condition. The award will be given to a member who exemplifies humanitarian ideals and attributes by:

  • Contributing significantly to alleviate human suffering and improving the quality of life and oral health of individuals both in the U.S. and abroad
  • Demonstrating significant leadership and outstanding humanitarian volunteer accomplishments that bring honor to the profession
  • Serving as an inspiration to the dental profession, colleagues, and those treated
  • Showing through the scope of work undertaken a commitment to humanity and selflessness in regard to direct personal or organizational gain or profit.
  • Establishing a legacy and/or sustainable program that is of ongoing value and benefit to others.

Any individual may nominate any active, life or retired member in good standing of the Association by submitting a nomination to the ADA Division of Global Affairs by September 15 of each year for consideration by the ADA Board of Trustees. Nominations received after the September 15 deadline will be placed on file along with the required documentation for consideration the following year. A nominator is limited to one Humanitarian Award nomination per year.

The following documentation must be submitted in electronic form with each nomination:

  • Complete nomination information as described on Page 4 of the below PDF document, addressing the commitment (of at least 10 years) and extraordinary humanitarian services of the nominee and the ongoing legacy that will be left, taking into account specific actions employed, demonstrated leadership skills, knowledge, dedication and persistence used to improve the oral health prospects of the specific community(ies), the population group(s) served and the long term impact of these endeavors as indicated by the information requested.
  • A Curriculum Vitae/resumé highlighting the nominee’s humanitarian contributions.
  • Three letters of support from specific individuals, who are not the nominator. (if more than three letters are submitted, only the first three will be considered)
  • One letter in support of the nominee from his/her state or local dental society.
  • Other essential supporting documentation to substantiate and fully present the character and achievement of the nominee at the discretion of the nominator. Testimonials, photographs, brochures, newsletters, etc. (CDs, DVDs, and Videos or excessive amounts of material will not be considered)

Nominations should be sent by e-mail, no later than Sept. 15 to:

American Dental Association
Division of Global Affairs

Please review the criteria and the list of requested information thoroughly before submitting the nomination to ensure completeness and attach nomination information, CV, letters of support and additional documentation. Nomination must be received by e-mail and incomplete nominations will not be considered. All nomination become the property of the ADA, which may use them for any purpose inclusing program promotion, information dissemination and professional education. Nominations will not be returned.

One Humanitarian Award will be given annually. The recipient must be a member of the American Dental Association. (The award is not intended for an individual who provides limited uncompensated services in the course of normal business or provides such services to an underserved population in the course of business for which they are compensated.)

The Award: The award will include a monetary component of $5,000 given to the dental charity/project of the recipient’s choice. The ADA will bring the honoree and a companion to the ADA Annual Session for the award ceremony and will cover the expenses of travel, accommodations and a per diem to attend.

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