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The ADA National Oral Health Agenda sets the stage for ADA advocacy activities and the messages communicated to lawmakers, the media and the public. The ADA’s expert legislative staff is in the halls of Congress every day, and ADA member dentists carry the message in Washington and across America year-round.

The ADA monitors more than 4,000 legislative bills annually and always has a seat at the table fighting for measures that advance the public's oral health and maintaining a positive environment for dentistry. The ADA's unique position has enabled us to:
  • preserve tax-deductible flexible spending accounts;
  • exempt dental plans from limits on health care spending;
  • move the issue of repealing the McCarran-Ferguson antitrust exemption for insurance companies out of obscurity and to the top of the congressional agenda;
  • defeat a proposed tax on cosmetic procedures; and
  • delay enforcement of the FTC Red Flags Rule and support legislation to greatly limit the application of the Rule to dental practices.

That's the power of a united dental profession—promoting and preserving oral health care that works.