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To improve your chances of finding what you’re looking for, consider the following search tips:

General Search Tips

  • Double-check your spelling/typing.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive. "Smith" and "smith" both will work.
  • If your search for a specific dentist yields no results, make sure you have chosen the correct Dental Specialty. See "Definitions of Special Areas in Dental Practice" for more information.
  • Abbreviations . If " Mt. Prospect" doesn't work, try spelling out " Mount Prospect."
  • If you cannot locate a dentist by distance, change the distance to 100 miles to search on maximum distance. 
  • The results are limited on public searches to a maximum of 100 records.

Name Tips

  • For hyphenated or two-part last names, do not use both names. Try one name or use a wildcard. To find "John Jones-Smith," type Smith in the "Last name" box.
  • For names like McKay, Van Dyke, etc., you may need to type a space between "Mc" and "Kay" or "Van" and "Dyke"; or try a wildcard, such as *Kay.
  • Typing the apostrophe in names such as "O'Brien" or "O'Donnell" will work. If your search yields no results, try a wildcard, such as *Brien or *Donnell.

Address Search Tips

  • Only office addresses are shown in this directory. If no current office address is available for an active member, only the city and state are indicated.
  • Use 5-digit zip codes instead of 9-digit zip codes.
  • For city names that contain two or more words, t ype these names as they are spelled:
    Green Bay, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Saint Louis.
  •  If you're looking for a specific location, you'll have the best chances of finding it by formatting your search like this:  'Address, city, state' or 'Address, city, ZIP.  For example, '1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain view, CA' or '1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, 94043'.
  • Do not include Suite or apartment numbers (like: Ste, Apt or #number) in the address line when searching by distance as no results are likely to occur.
  • When searching outside the US, you can only search by country. Do not enter a name as you will get no results.


  • Use a "wildcard" ( * ) when you are unsure of a name, city or zip code or wish to broaden your search.
  • Type 543* in the "zip code" field to find member dentists in communities where zip codes begin with 543--.
  • Type Brown* in the "Last name" box to find member dentists named "Brown," "Browne," "Browner," etc.
  • Type Q* in the "Last name" box to find member dentists whose last names begin with Q.

Please return to the search page and choose different search criteria.