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The membership categories listed below are used to facilitate the operation of the Member Directory. For a complete listing of ADA membership classifications, including the qualifications, eligibility requirements, and dues and membership benefits information, contact the ADA Division of Membership and Dental Society Services at for a copy of the relevant provisions of the ADA Bylaws.

Active Member: A U.S. licensed dentist in active practice or serving as a member of the faculty of a dental school or as a dental administrator or consultant.

Retired Member: A dentist no longer in active practice.

Graduate Student: A dentist who is engaged full time in an advanced training course in an accredited school or residency program.

Student Member: A pre-doctoral student of a dental school accredited by the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation is classified as a student member of the Association and a member of the American Student Dental Association.

Affiliate Member: Affiliate membership is available to dentists who are practicing outside of the United States, who do not hold a U.S. dental license.

Federal Dental Service: A U.S. licensed dentist serving in a dental department of the Air Force, Army, or Navy; the Public Health Service; the Department of Veterans Affairs or another federal agency. These dentists are not private practitioners.

Associate Member. Associate membership is available to an individual who is employed in dental-related education or research and does not hold a US dental license.

Honorary Member: An individual who has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the art and science of dentistry, upon election by the ADA Board of Trustees.

International Member: Dentists who are licensed to practice dentistry in a state, the District of Columbia, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a dependency of the U.S., practicing outside of the United States.