In 2009, new endodontic terms were adopted by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE). Please be advised that effective immediately, all current NBDE Part II test forms are presenting endodontic questions using this new terminology. 

The 2014 NBDE Part II Guide will be updated to reflect this change.

Based on feedback from NBDE test constructors in the area of Endodontics, the AAE has provided the Joint Commission with a chart indicating old and new terms (PDF). This chart is being provided as a student reference, due to the fact that individual researchers, practitioners, and existing textbooks could communicate information using either set of terms.

Step 1: Read the NBDE Part II Guide    

Please review the Guide, specifically the Eligibility Requirements, Rules of Conduct, Test Regulations, Irregularities/Appeals, Testing Procedures, the Testing Checklist and Frequently Asked Questions. During the application process you will be asked to confirm that you have read the Guide and agree to the rules and regulations contained within the document. Candidates are responsible for understanding the information contained within the Guide. Candidates who violate exam rules or regulations may have their exam scores voided and have to wait up to two years to retest.

Step 2: Obtain a DENTPIN® and Apply for the Examination (No Refund)

The name on your IDs must match exactly with the name on your application. If the name on your application and your IDs do not match exactly, you will be denied admission to testing and, as a result, forfeit your scheduled testing appointment and your application fee. You will be required to submit a new application.

Before you can apply to take the examination, you must obtain a DENTPIN. Click here for more information on DENTPIN®.

Examination fees are non-refundable and non-transferable (no exceptions). Your credit card will be charged when you submit your application.

Electronic Notification of NBDE Part II Eligibility

Upon processing of a candidate's NBDE Part II application, candidates will receive an e-mail notification of eligibility for testing and instructions for appointment scheduling. The eligibility letter includes instructions regarding appointment scheduling. (Please check your Spam folder if unable to locate the notification, especially Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts.)

Step 3: Schedule a Time to Take the Examination

You must apply to take the examination with the ADA and receive your eligibility letter prior to scheduling your testing appointment with Prometric. Examinations are administered year-round at Prometric Test Centers in the United States, its territories including Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada.

Advanced Scheduling 

To increase the likelihood you will receive your first choice of date, time and location, you should schedule your testing 60 to 90 days before the desired testing date. Please remember, you may schedule your testing appointment with Prometric only upon receipt of your eligibility email.

Rescheduling Testing Appointments

Rescheduling your testing appointment will result in a rescheduling fee.

A candidate who wishes to reschedule his or her testing appointment must contact Prometric in advance of the testing appointment and pay a fee directly to Prometric.  The fee schedule is as follows:

Rescheduling Fees

 $100 One to five business days prior to the testing appointment 
 $60      Six to 30 business days prior to the testing appointment
 $25  31+ business days prior to the testing appointment

**Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are NOT business days**

Appointments can be rescheduled by calling 800.688.5804 or through  Leaving a message for a local test center is not sufficient; the local test center cannot schedule, reschedule, or cancel your appointment. 

Canceling Testing Appointments

If you cancel your testing appointment and do not schedule another exam within six months, the cancelation will result in a complete forfeiture of your examination fee (as noted in Step 2 above, examination fees are nonrefundable).

Step 4: Take the Examination at a Prometric Test Center

Prometric Test Centers begin replacing current markers and dry erase boards with laminated note boards and low-odor fine tip permanent markers as supplies are depleted. Erasers will not be provided; however, candidates will receive two laminated note boards and two permanent markers. Candidates may raise their hand to notify the  proctor for additional note boards and markers. 

As noted in Step 2 above: The name on your IDs must match exactly with the name on your application. If the name on your application and your IDs do not match exactly, you will be denied admission to testing and, as a result, forfeit your scheduled testing appointment and your application fee. You will be required to submit a new application. 

Candidates who experience concerns about scheduling issues, testing conditions, or any unresolved problem should inform the Test Administrator before leaving the test center and record this information in the appropriate section of the post-test survey. For issues requiring further action, candidates must contact the Joint Commission office within five business days of the testing appointment.

NBDE Part II Tutorial 

The link below provides online access to the NBDE Part II Tutorial and a preview of the NBDE Part II format.

Helpful Prometric Links

Prometric Biometric Enabled Check-In

Step 5: Score Reports and NB Certificates 

The application fee includes a score report for you, the dean of the accredited dental school you are attending or have attended and three dental licensing boards if requested on your application.

  • Score reports are processed approximately four weeks after your testing appointment.
  • Additional score report requests are processed approximately four weeks after receipt of the request.
  • Request for additional score reports cannot be fulfilled until your examination is scored, which is approximately four weeks after your testing appointment.
  • Your score report will be mailed to the address indicated on your application.

The mailing address for your score report will be printed on the Notice of Completion (received at the completion of the testing session). You must check the accuracy of your mailing addresses and contact the JCNDE office within five business days to report any corrections.

You can send additional reports to: dental schools, other institutions, dental licensing boards, or send a report to yourself. Designate on the electronic form below where you want to send an additional score report.

If you submit a score report request for only a NBDE Part I score, your request will require manual processing. Please notify DTS via with your name and DENTPIN after you submit your NBDE Part I score report request.

To purchase a National Board Certificate, complete the form below and submit the appropriate fee:

To have your examination results audited, complete the form below and submit the appropriate fee:

Purpose of the Examination

The purpose of the exam is to assist state boards in determining qualifications of dentists who seek licensure to practice dentistry. The examination assesses the ability to understand important information from basic biomedical and dental sciences and also the ability to apply such information in a problem-solving context.

Contact Information
Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations
211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60611

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