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Dental research doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t reach the clinician. That’s why the ADA created the Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD) to connect the latest research findings with the daily practice of dentistry. The EBD Web site provides on-demand access to systematic reviews, summaries and clinical recommendations that translate the latest scholarly findings into a user-friendly format.

The ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry has a comprehensive EBD website!

The site was initially supported by a grant from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research (grant number G08 LM008956). 

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Evidence-Based Dentistry ResourcesEvidence-Based Dentistry Web site

In addition to our own database of reviews and recommendations, we’ve assembled a resource page containing links to many online databases, research centers and EBD organizations throughout the world.

If you have a clinical question that isn’t covered here, please submit it for consideration for future systematic reviews or studies.  

ADA Clinical Recommendations

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs issues clinical recommendations based on the most current evidence in the scientific literature. While these recommendations do not constitute “standards of care,” they are the scientific foundation for the practice of evidence-based dentistry.

Systematic Review Database

Search over 2,100 systematic reviews from JADA and dozens of leading dental journals. Each systematic review synthesizes the latest research on a specific oral health issue. You can also browse the database by topic for quick access to related reviews.

Many of the reviews in the database feature an additional critical summary written by a qualified ADA Evidence Reviewer. Summaries are one-page critical assessments of the strength of the research and how the results can be applied to treating patients.  

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