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The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products (SCDP) develops standards for dental materials, oral hygiene products, infection control products, dental equipment, dental instruments, CAD/CAM and more.

Please click here to access a full listing of ANSI/ADA dental product standards, technical specifications and technical reports. To purchase an ANSI/ADA specification or technical report, please visit the ADA Catalog.

About the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products (ADA SCDP)

ANSI/ADA standards for dental materials, instruments and equipment are formulated by working groups of the ADA SCDP. The Committee has representation from all interests in the United States in the standardization of materials, instruments and equipment in dentistry.

The scope of the committee is:

Nomenclature, standards and specifications for dental materials, except those recognized as drugs or dental radiographic film. Nomenclature, standards and specifications for dental instruments, equipment and accessories used in dental practice, dental technology and oral hygiene that are offered to the public or the profession. Orthodontic, prosthetic, and restorative appliances designed or developed by the dentist for an individual patient are excluded.

The SCDP is comprised of 34 voting and 1 liaison members from the profession, dental industry, academia, and the government. The actual standards development occurs in its nine subcommittees and 65 working groups. The Subcommittees are restorative materials and orthodontics, prosthodontic materials, terminology, instruments, infection control, equipment, implants, oral hygiene products, and CAD/CAM. The working groups address specific topics and provide an opportunity for all interests to participate in the development of voluntary consensus standards. The working groups are comprised of volunteers from the profession, industry, academia, and government.

Download information about the Standards Committee on Dental Products:

Download the Application and Copyright Assignment:

The 2014 SCDP Meeting will be held from March 16-19 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  For information about ADA SCDP meetings, ADA SCDP membership and to view proposed ANSI/ADA standards and technical reports that are available for review and comment, please contact or call 312-440-2506.

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