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HPRC also offers custom services that may be of interest to dentists, researchers, and lawmakers, among others. These services include: Custom-run Data Analysis, Research Samples of Dentists, Use of Copyrighted Materials Request, Dental Geographic Information System (DGIS), and Detailed State-Specific Dental Workforce Analysis.

Download a brochure describing services available from the ADA Health Policy Resources Center.

Custom-run Data Analysis

HPRC has an excellent historical database, going back over decades for some subjects. Custom-run data analysis can be performed on existing published or unpublished data. Due to certain constraints, not all information collected in ADA surveys is published, though an effort is made to publish the most useful information.

Published data can be analyzed in a way not found in our reports, tailored to suit your needs. The rate for custom data analysis is $200/hour, with a minimum of one hour. If you are interested in custom-run data analysis, please submit a request via e-mail to In the request, please indicate what specific information you are interested in and how the data will be used.  

Research Samples of Dentists

HPRC offers research samples, which are constructed from the ADA's sampling frame of professionally active dentists, dental students or retired dentists. These samples can be segmented by numerous variables, such as membership status, occupation, graduation year, U.S. Census region, specialty/practice area, ownership status, gender and age, among other variables.

The rate for a dentist research sample starts at $3,000, dependent upon complexity. Information can be provided to you in a variety of ways (electronic file, mailing labels, etc.).

The ADA requires prepayment for both of the above services. Visa or MasterCard are accepted for immediate processing. Payment may also be made to the "American Dental Association" by check or money order; however, orders cannot be fulfilled until payment is received. Contact HPRC at for more information  

Use of Copyrighted Materials

Requests should be submitted in writing to HPRC, with a brief explanation of how the materials will be used and where they will be published. There is no charge for use of copyrighted materials. Submit your request by e-mail to or by fax to 312-440-7461.

Detailed State-Specific Dental Workforce Analysis 

Upon request, HPRC can provide an examination of dentist workforce requirements based on an economic approach (i.e., supply and demand).

Demand factors considered are: 

  • population growth, 
  • economic growth, and 
  • dental service utilization.  

Supply factors considered are: 

  • socio-demographic characteristics
  • of the dentist workforce, 
  • the distribution of dentist workforce within the state, and 
  • pre-doctoral dental education.

The analysis includes projections of dentist workforce and state dental society membership. The impacts of increasing productivity and the increasing percentage of female dentists also are considered. Each analysis can be custom tailored to respond to specific questions concerning dental workforce requirements in a given state. The prepared data analyses are submitted in a PowerPoint file (between 100-180 slides).

To request a specific state analysis, please contact HPRC at (The fee will be determined based on the level of information requested.)

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If there is any statistical information related to dentistry that you cannot locate, or there is a service you are interested in that is not outlined here, we encourage you to contact HPRC to find out how we may be able to help you.