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The ADA Clinical Evaluators (ACE) Panel is a volunteer group of ADA members who contribute clinical feedback for segments of the ADA Professional Product Review™ program.ACE logo

Throughout the year, ACE Panel members have an opportunity to suggest products they would like to see tested and report their experiences with the professional products they use.

Join the ACE Panel

ACE Panel membership is open to all ADA members who are currently practicing dentistry. You can join the ACE Panel via e-mail or by calling the ADA’s toll-free number and asking for Ext. 3528.

Who can join the ACE Panel?

The ACE Panel is made up of dentists who are

  • ADA members;
  • Actively practicing clinical dentistry;
  • Willing to volunteer their time to answer online surveys about dental products.

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What would I do as an ACE Panel member?

ACE Panel members volunteer to answer online surveys that are sent out once or twice each quarter. At times, there may be opportunities to participate in telephone interviews and panel discussions.

There are two types of surveys: planning surveys and evaluation surveys. Planning surveys are used before we start evaluating a product category to determine what types of products you use, what products you are curious about and what features or characteristics interest or concern you. The data helps direct product selection for testing, determines what types of tests should be performed, and identifies what product information should be collected.

The evaluation survey focuses on a product category and asks respondents to rate the performance of the brand they use based on a variety of characteristics.

ACE panelists receive an e-mail with a link to the survey.

ACE Panel membership and participation is a volunteer activity. However, we do value the contribution that you make to this program and are always looking for ways to say thank you. For example, active panel members currently receive a discount on merchandise purchased through the ADA Catalog. Other “thank you” incentives may be extended periodically.

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