Board Reports and Resolutions

Strategic Forecasting Video

Dr. Raymond Cohlmia, Executive Director

A special task force comprised of delegates nominated from each trustee district was charged with evaluating our existing business model and determine, if necessary, how best to improve our processes to enable innovation, speed and transparency within an ever-evolving health care landscape and with our members’ needs and expectations changing just as fast. The ADA Board of Trustees unanimously approved the task force’s recommendations and submitted two resolutions to the 2022 House of Delegates (see Report 3, Res. 205 and 206).

Watch this video to learn more about strategic forecasting and the proposed new committee of the House of Delegates to lead this dynamic change.

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  • 00:00 —Introduction / The Why: The Current State of the ADA
  • 02:06 —The What: What Do We Need To Do?
  • 04:30 —The How: Strategic Forecasting
  • 08:59 —The Who: The Role of ADA Governance Bodies
  • 09:33 —Key Changes That Strategic Forecasting Brings to the ADA
  • 10:04 —Strategic Forecasting Committee Composition
  • 11:10 —Strategic Forecasting Subcommittees
  • 12:10 —Strategic Forecasting Action Groups
  • 14:21 —How’ll They’ll Work Together
  • 16:23 —Specific Roles of the House of Delegates, Councils, Board of Trustees and Staff
  • 17:46 —One Route of a Resolution
  • 18:52 —What If Immediate Action is Needed on a Resolution?
  • 19:56 —What Does and Doesn’t Change Under Strategic Forecasting?
  • 20:51 —Closing / Thinking About Strategic Incumbency