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Questions? Contact Kristi Gingrich, program coordinator, or 312.440.2598

Welcome to the online registration for the 2013 Management Conference Week. You will need your ADA number included in the registration e-memo from the ADA and a valid credit card to pay for your registration. We accept MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. All credit card information is passed through a secured, encrypted session to process your online registration. The ADA will NOT retain your credit card information.

Our online registration process is designed for one credit card per session. If you wish to register another person, please close your browser window and begin a new session after completing each registration. Please complete your online registration within a 20 minute timeframe. If you leave your form open and do not submit in a timely manner, key registration information may be lost.

Although there is no registration fee for some meetings, all participants must still register.

Please note this registration process uses a session cookie. If you are prompted to accept a cookie, please do so. If you have cookies disabled, the process will NOT work. This cookie is removed from your machine when you shut down the browser session.


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