Open your mind with DENT Talks™

Hear three diverse perspectives on each of these topics: Love of Dentistry, Road Less Traveled, and Human Challenge.

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DENT Talks featured topics

Love of Dentistry
Learning to explore and accept what works best for you is an essential step to achieving happiness, satisfaction, and loving what you do.

Road Less Traveled
What makes someone choose one path over another? Hear from peers who chose unconventional paths to greater independence, individuality, and leadership.

Human Challenge
Some days we feel like we’ve got it all figured out, then everything falls apart. Challenge is a part of life! Hear these stories of challenge and triumph and walk away with tips to keep you going when life gets tough.

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Gary Bethea, DDS
Dr. Bethea is the founder of the nonprofit Deeper Than Dentistry in Blythewood, SC.
Tina Brandon Abbatangelo, DDS
Dr. Brandon Abbatangelo is the clinical director of UNLV Smiles Dental Clinic.
Steve Hollar, DDS
Dr. Hollar is a lifelong ADA member serving the 7th District as Delegate and floor leader.
Dr. Heavenly Kimes
Dr. Heavenly, an award-winning cosmetic and implant dentist, stars on Bravo TV’s “Married to Medicine.”
Catherine Murphy, DDS, MSD
Dr. Murphy of Griffith, IN, is an author and podcast host of Dear Momma with Dr. Murphy.
Sharon Parsons, DDS
Dr. Parsons, a dentist in Columbus, OH, educates others about opioid prescribing and addiction.
Ashley Rosenbaum, DMD
Dr. Rosenbaum focuses on personalized and minimally invasive dental care for families in Miami.
Rico Short, DMD
Dr. Short, of Smyrna, GA, is an endodontist and author of Getting to the Root of Your Problem.
Bruce Terry, DMD
Dr. Terry of Wayne, PA, may be the only dentist to have completed the Seven Summits.