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George Camp, DDS

George Camp, DDS

Spa Dentistry: Keys to Building Your Unique Dental Spa

From a dentist currently running a salon, spa, and dental office under one roof, learn how to utilize multiple streams of revenue focusing on patient esthetics from the neck up. Learn how to incorporate Botox and filler, facials, waxing and the plethora of radio frequency devices that allow us to re-contour our patients’ facial esthetics.

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Evan Fry, DM

Evan Fry, DMD

Sustainability in Dentistry: Good for the Planet and Your Practice

Sustainability has become a buzzword in advertising these days. Building a sustainable dental practice is more than marketing hype. In this presentation, you'll learn how sustainable dentistry has a positive impact on your practice’s bottom line while authentically bolstering your brand in a way that resonates with the community.

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Laila Hishaw, DDS

Laila Hishaw, DDS

Elevating Dentistry Through Mentorship

When it comes to advancing dental workforce equity and improving oral health outcomes, creating meaningful mentorships is key. This is vital for those from historically underrepresented backgrounds who have limited access to professional and academic role models. Learn how effective mentoring amplifies change and elevates dentistry for all.

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Waji Khan, DDS, MBA, Medt

Waji Khan, DDS, MBA, MEd

Implant Supported Removable Prosthetics

Patients seek to augment retention and stability of their dentures. Discover how dental implants have revolutionized the replacement options that are available for complete and partial edentulism.

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Cristina Noelle Schwarz, DDS

Cristina Noelle Schwarz, DDS

Exploring the Myths and Realities of Dentists and Suicide

This course will discuss the today’s leading theories of the suicidal mind as well as the current suicide statistics in dentistry. You will learn the role our dental culture plays in both suicide risk and prevention and what you can do protect your own mental well-being, that of your colleagues, and student dentists as the future of our field.

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