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Record yourself speaking about what’s important to you, and you could be featured in our Opening Session or Saturday Keynote.

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Have your voice be heard

As our member, you are the most important part of the ADA. And we want to hear from you about the topics that matter the most to you. Record a video of your views on the profession and your journey as a dentist and submit it to us. Your video may be selected and shared at SmileCon® 2023 Orlando during the Opening Session or Saturday Keynote.

Please share your perspective on more than one topic, answering at least three to five of the questions, or feel free to answer all five. Responses for each question should be one minute each. Videos can be submitted by uploading them here by Aug. 20.

Recording best practices

You can record on either your cell phone or on a computer via Zoom, whichever you are more comfortable with.

BEFORE YOU RECORD: Please review our recording tips and best practices document to ensure the best quality video. Also review the ADA consent policy at the bottom of this page.

At the beginning of your video, please clearly say:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your place of residence — state and city
  3. How long have you been a practicing dental professional

Once you have finished answering the questions, pause for 15 seconds and record the following:

  1. Repeat your first and last name, spelling out both
  2. State any credentials

Topics and questions

When you answer the questions, include some of the key words from the topic in your answers.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration/Whole-Body Health

Dentistry is essential health care, and we’re seeing a greater focus on oral health’s integral role in overall health. This includes collaboration with our colleagues in medicine. What are your thoughts on dentistry’s growing focus on whole-body health?


Technological advancements have always been at the heart of improving the dental care experience. AI (Augmented/Artificial Intelligence) is now a hot topic in dental technology. What are your thoughts on AI’s role in patient care and dentistry’s future overall?


Wellness continues to be a major focus for our profession. The ADA’s 2021 Dentist Health and Wellbeing Survey found that the percentage of dentists diagnosed with anxiety has more than tripled since 2003. Burnout is also an issue for many dental teams too. What does “wellness” mean to you? How do you and your team stay well?

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance has long been a pain point for dentists. When it comes to dental insurance, how do you think our profession can work toward a benefits system that’s truly beneficial for dentists and patients?

ADA Membership/Brand Love

  1. For you, what’s the best part of being an ADA member?
  2. The ADA Board of Trustees recently adopted a new strategic why statement of the ADA: We Make People Healthy. What does “We make people healthy” mean to you?
ADA consent policy

By submitting your video, you consent to the following:

You give the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION (“ADA”), its subsidiaries, affiliates, assignees, licensees, successors and designees (including, but not limited to, the ADA’s constituent and component societies) the absolute and irrevocable right and permission with respect to use of your image or voice, along with your name and hometown (“the Property”) used in any SmileCon 2023 photos, audio video recordings, audio recordings, video recordings, online photo directory, testimonials, and the like, for any purposes including but not limited to membership recruitment, future meeting announcements, program promotions, and marketing and commercial uses approved by the ADA.

The ADA, its subsidiaries, affiliates, assignees, licensees, successors and designees (including but not limited to, the ADA’s constituent and component societies) are allowed to do the following: to use, reuse, publish, republish, transmit, reproduce, distribute, perform, display and upload the Property in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other photographs, films, tapes, audio or visual recordings or other types of likenesses, in any medium and for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation for purposes of illustration, promotion, advertising, education and trade. The foregoing right and permission includes the right to crop and otherwise alter and edit the Property for any purpose (e.g. to fit space or to enhance the function or effectiveness of use of the Property), and to use, or not to use, your name, likeness and biographic information (including, without limitation, professional credentials) in connection therewith.