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CERP Provider Newsletter—2016 Edition One

Revising ADA CERP Recognition Standards Eligibility Criteria for International Providers Revised
CCEPR Recognition Actions—September 2015 List Your Courses on
Application Dates for 2016-2017 CCEPR Members
Staff CCEPR Address

Letter from the Chair

Picture of Paul Leary, Chair

On behalf of the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition, I would like to extend the best wishes of the New Year to members of the CERP community. As the Commission enters its second year, I’d also like to take this opportunity to look back on accomplishments in our inaugural year and share our plans for 2016.

CCEPR was established by the ADA House of Delegates in November 2014, and charged with developing standards for continuing dental education, reviewing and approving providers of CE, and administering the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP). In forming a new Commission to oversee CERP, the ADA has taken steps to solicit input and expertise from a broad range of stakeholders.  The Board of the Commission includes representatives of the nine dental specialties, the dental education and regulatory communities, and the ADA.

Members of the Commission are committed to upholding the program’s mission to promote continuous quality improvements in CE and support dental professionals’ ability to deliver improved health care. As a practicing dentist and ADA member, I can personally attest to the importance of a program that helps me identify CE offered by providers that have demonstrated a commitment to quality by achieving ADA CERP recognition.

To help ensure that the CERP Recognition Standards continue to establish relevant criteria for quality continuing dental education, in 2015 the Commission initiated a comprehensive review of the Standards. (See the following article for more information on the review process.) We appreciate your feedback to the Commission’s April 2015 call for comments on needed revisions. In response to your suggestions, the Commission will consider options for simplifying the Standards, eliminating redundant criteria, and emphasizing those aspects of continuing education which are most essential to supporting professional development and improvements in oral health care. As the Commission’s review of the Standards continues in 2016, your input will be greatly valued.  

In its first year, CCEPR has also taken steps to enhance ADA CERP and Commission operations. An independent Appeal Board, including members from each of the 13 organizations represented on CCEPR, was established to hear appeals of adverse recognition actions (decisions to deny or withdraw recognition). CCEPR launched a new micro-website with comprehensive information about the Commission and ADA CERP. includes a list of all CERP recognized providers, as well as a searchable list of CE courses offered by CERP recognized providers. If you haven’t posted information about your CE courses on this site, I encourage you to do so! To simplify the application process, the Commission is also evaluating platforms for online application submissions. Roll-out of a web-based application form is planned for 2017. In the interim, providers wishing to submit applications electronically now have the option of submitting a PDF of the application and supporting documents instead of paper copies.

ADA CERP continues to grow. Today, there are 441 ADA CERP recognized providers, including 17 providers located outside of North America. Another 108 providers are currently approved through the Extended Approval Process available to state dental associations and the recognized dental specialty organizations.

The Commission advances the ADA’s mission and helps members succeed by establishing and promoting standards for quality CE that supports continuing professional development and contributes to health care quality improvement. CE delivered by providers committed to improving outcomes in education and health care supports the profession and the public that we serve.

Paul R. Leary, D.M.D., 2016 Chair

Revising the ADA CERP Recognition Standards

The Commission is undertaking a comprehensive review of the CERP Standards. The review, which is being conducted in several phases through 2017, will help ensure that the CERP Standards continue to establish relevant criteria for quality continuing dental education. The process includes a scan of literature on continuing professional development in the health professions, a review of accreditation standards for continuing education in the health professions, and input from stakeholders. The last comprehensive review occurred in 2008.

The Commission believes it is important to maintain high standards while remaining responsive to changing educational and health care environments. The objective of continuing professional development, as defined in the 2003 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality, is to support professionals’ ability to provide the best possible care, improve patient outcomes, and protect patient safety. This will be a central objective of the Commission’s review and revision of the Standards.

In April 2015, the Commission requested input from stakeholders on revising the Standards. In reviewing feedback at its September 2015 meeting, the Commission identified some common themes, including suggestions to:

  • Consolidate the Standards
  • Reduce the number and prescriptiveness of criteria
  • Emphasize criteria supportive of the delivery of innovative and relevant CE
  • Provide additional guidance on the intent and implementation of the Standards

Other comments were also received, including suggestions that the application process be streamlined by reducing the number of Standards, moving to an online application form, incorporating other methods of evaluating providers, such as phone interviews, and reducing the documentation requirements for providers applying for continued recognition.

Based on feedback from the communities of interest and the materials reviewed to date, the Commission plans to evaluate the 14 CERP Standards in several broad categories defining the essential requirements continuing dental education providers must meet to deliver CE that addresses professional educational needs, is scientifically sound, non-commercial, and that supports improvements in oral health care.
Input from the communities of interest will be an integral element to the revision process. The Commission will post information about any proposed revisions and invite comments from stakeholders. Contact CCEPR staff for more information or to submit comments on the CERP Standards.

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Eligibility Criteria for International Providers Revised

At its September 2015 meeting the Commission adopted revised eligibility criteria for international continuing education providers. International providers--those based outside the Unites States or Canada—may be eligible to participate in ADA CERP. Eligibility criteria for international providers were adopted in 2013, and a Pre-application Process for International Providers (PPIP) launched in 2014. The PPIP is a required first step in the application process for international providers. It is designed to help providers understand and meet CERP requirements, and to assist the Commission in assessing the eligibility of providers based outside of the U.S. or Canada to move forward with the CERP application process.

The newly revised eligibility criteria for international providers eliminates a requirement that international providers must be accredited or recognized as CE providers in the country in which they are based. The requirement was outlined in Criterion 2 of the eligibility criteria for international providers adopted in 2013. Since implementing the PPIP, some international CE providers have reported that their countries have not established a formal system of accreditation or recognition of providers or CE activities. The Commission determined that as initially written, Criterion 2 presented a barrier to education providers that may otherwise meet CERP Eligibility Criteria and Recognition Standards. The Commission therefore revised Criterion 2 by eliminating the accreditation requirement. In addition, the Commission modified the types of providers that will be eligible to apply. These now include dental schools and university based CE programs, national governmental health agencies, professional membership associations, and companies dedicated to producing medical and/or dental education or communications. The revised eligibility criteria for international providers were adopted effective September 2015.

To date, the Commission or its predecessor, the CERP Committee, have reviewed seven pre-application eligibility surveys. International providers that meet the eligibility criteria are invited to submit an application for ADA CERP recognition following the same procedures as providers based in the U.S. and Canada. Complete information about the PPIP is available at

CCEPR Recognition Actions—September 2015

Congratulations to the following CE providers that were awarded ADA CERP recognition for four years at the Commission’s September 2015 meeting:

Academy of Gp Orthodontics
American Board of Orthodontics
American Orthodontic Society
Arizona Dental Association
Bergen County Dental Society
Clinical Foundation of Orthopedics and Orthodontics
Connecticut State Dental Association
Dental Learning Systems, LLC
Dental Service - VA Western New York Healthcare System
Erie County Medical Center
Glidewell Education Center
Home Study, Inc.
Indian Health Service, Division of Oral Health
International Dental Continuing Education
International Training Institute
Kerr Corporation
Keystone Dental, Inc.
Maryland State Dental Association
Massachusetts Dental Society
Michigan Dental Association
Pacific Institute of Implant Dentistry Inc.
Peak Compliance Services LLC
Pennsylvania Dental Association
PennWell Corporation
Professional Education Society
Second District Valley Forge Dental Association of PA
Synapton Seminars
Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry
The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Division of Continuing Education
U.S. Army Dental Corps
University of Nebraska Medical Center - College of Dentistry
University of Tennessee College of Dentistry
University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston
Wake Forest School of Medicine, Department of Dentistry
Western Schools
Zimmer Dental

Congratulations to the following CE providers that were awarded ADA CERP recognition for three years:

Academy for Advanced Dental Education
Affordable CE Credits, Inc.
All Dent Learning Center
American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
American Academy of Restorative Dentistry
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland Dental School
Big Sky Seminars
Brooklyn Hospital Center, Department of Dentistry, OMS
Canadian Implant Institute/Institut Canadien d'Implantologie
Conscious Sedation Consulting, LLC
Dental Service of Massachusetts/DentaQuest
Florida Institute for Advanced Dental Education
Forward Dental  
Georgia Dental Association
Howard University College of Dentistry
International Academy of Endodontics
International Association for Dental Research
Jacobi Medical Center Department of Dentistry
JP Consultants Institute
Musikant & Deutsch DMD P.C.
New Jersey Association of Endodontists
New Mexico Dental Association
New York Academy of Dentistry
New York State Dental Association
Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics
Planmeca University - formerly known as D4D Technologies LLC
Second District Dental Society of New York
Special Care Dentistry Association
Tennessee Dental Association
UCLA School of Dentistry - Continuing Dental Education
United States Dental Institute
University of Connecticut - School of Dental Medicine
University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

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List Your Courses on

CERP recognized providers are encouraged to post information about their courses in the ADA’s online course listing. Dental professionals anywhere in the world can access the CERP Course Listing and search for courses by date, location, provider, or category. The course listing is advertised periodically in ADA publications. For information on how to login and post course information, contact Kim Hendricks at

Application Dates for 2016-2017

Providers will receive application materials for continued recognition approximately one year before their recognition term ends. Applications are due approximately six months before the recognition term ends. Application deadlines for providers with recognition terms ending in 2016 and 2017 are listed below.

Recognition term ending Application materials sent Applications due
December 2016 January 2016 June 24, 2016
June 2017 July 2016 January 13, 2017
December 2017 January 2017 June 30, 2017

Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition

Paul Leary, D.M.D., Chair
Mary A. Tavares, D.M.D., Vice Chair
Brian A. Beitel, D.D.S.
Jeffrey D. Bennett, D.M.D.
Hardeep K. Chehal, D.D.S.
Debra Dixon, D.M.D.
Joseph P. Fiorellini, D.M.D.
Augusto Cesar Garcia-Aguirre, D.M.D.
Barry Hammond, D.M.D.
Mark C. Hutten, D.D.S.
Timothy C. Kirkpatrick, D.D.S.
Mitchell Jay Lipp, D.D.S.
Eugene J. McGuire, D.D.S.
Conor McNulty
Nancy R. Rosenthal, D.D.S.
Ann Steiner, D.M.D.


Ms. Mary Borysewicz, director 800.621.8099 x2704 or 312.440.2704

Ms. Kimberly A. Hendricks, program assistant 800.621.8099 x2869 or 312.440.2869

Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition

American Dental Association
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
Fax: 312-440-2915