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Substantive Change

Policy Statement on Reporting Substantive Changes

A substantive change to a provider’s continuing education (CE) program is one that may impact the degree to which the recognized provider complies with the ADA CERP Recognition Standards and Procedures.  Substantive changes may include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in ownership, legal status or form of control.
  • Introducing a new educational method beyond the scope described in the application, e.g., adding patient treatment courses or self-study activities.
  • Changes in the CE program’s source(s) of financial support, especially if funding is from an external commercial source.

When substantive changes occur, the primary concern of the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition (CCEPR) is that the provider continues to meet the ADA CERP’s standards and criteria. Recognized providers must be able to demonstrate that any substantive change(s) to their CE program will not adversely affect the ability of the organization to comply with established standards. If the program changes are judged to represent a sufficient departure from practices in place at the time of application, the Commission may elect to re-evaluate the provider before the next formal reapplication is due.

Reporting Substantive Changes

All recognized providers are expected to report substantive changes in writing to the Commission in a timely manner. If a provider is uncertain whether a change is substantive, the provider should contact CCEPR staff for clarification and guidance. The following procedures shall apply to substantive changes:

  1. ADA CERP recognized providers must report any substantive change(s) to their CE program.
  2. The provider must submit to the Commission a description and/or documentation describing the change(s) and explaining how the CE program will continue to comply with ADA CERP’s standards and criteria.
  3. Providers will receive written notification from the Commission that:
    1. The information is acceptable and will be kept on file for review at the time of the provider’s next scheduled reapplication, or
    2. Additional documentation is required for re-evaluation prior to the next scheduled reapplication.
  4. The CCEPR may exercise its right to re-evaluate a recognized provider at any time during the approval period.
  5. When a provider has received written notification to provide additional documentation, failure to submit the requested documentation shall be considered grounds for withdrawal of ADA CERP recognition status at the next regularly scheduled meetings of the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition.
  6. Submission of false or misleading information shall be grounds for withdrawal of ADA CERP Recognition status.

ADA CERP Policy on Reporting Substantive Changes
Adopted: September 1994
Revised: May 2000; September 2000; January 2006; March 2015