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Stories of Inspiration




Greene"Turning fear into laughter is the most exciting challenge in practicing dentistry. My goal is to help patients smile because their mouths are healthy and they had fun getting there. I am so grateful for my patients and colleagues who inspire me to push harder for everyone to reach their oral health potential. We are all in this together and success is always better when it's shared!"

- Dr. Colleen Greene


Mattingly"The ability to help people everyday through dentistry gives me the foundation to be a better leader in my family, my community, and my practice."

- Dr. Emily Mattingly


Nguyen"Dentistry is not just about restoring teeth, we restore confidence and smiles. As dentists, we are the leaders in oral health and leaders in the community that we serve. I challenge everyone to be engaged, be leaders, and be the reason someone smiles today...because a smile is priceless."

- Dr. Robin Nguyen


Quartey"My goal is to make a person forget they're at the dentist. Those that are fearful from a past experience and now love coming to the dentist, that's what inspires me everyday."

- Dr. Tricia Quartey


Shisler"Dentistry allows me to come to work and help someone. Every day you are helping your patients, your community and yourself. Dentistry has the rare ability to link you so intimately to a community like very few professions do. Outside of the teaching profession, dentistry provides the opportunity to grow, influence and thrive along with the patient families you treat."

- Dr. Adam Shisler


Stuefen"I love the challenge of dentistry. There's always more to learn and to strive for. And there's no greater feeling than the satisfaction of providing a quality result that my patient and I can be proud of."

- Dr. Sara Stuefen

Jarvis"Almost every day, I am truly excited about helping my patients to become more comfortable with their smile. We, as dentists, are charged with a very important task. Simply put, we improve and maintain our patients’ ability to chew comfortably and smile beautifully. Two seemingly basic functions, yet the procedures used to accomplish this can be rather complex. I relish in the challenge to provide these procedures in a manner that seem as effortless as possible to the individuals that I treat."

- Dr. Raymond Jarvis


Tertel"Through the eyes of a child I watched my father's quest for knowledge...his willingness to help others...his constant efforts to provide the best dental care to his patients. Today I see the eyes of my child watching as I seek to gain education...provide dental care to those in need...create an outstanding dental home for my patients. My father's patients. Maybe someday, my son's patients. A family dental home. Be inspired!! Be an inspiration!!"

- Dr. Nanette Tertel

Radack"I am still amazed after 30 years in this profession that we can meet a complete stranger one minute and an hour later have the ability to change their life. Everyday has the chance to be something different!"

- Dr. Stephen Radack, III

Thakkar"Ironically, I have found that one of the most self-gratifying actions a person can take, personally and professionally, is to positively impact someone else's quality of life. Being a dentist means I can be a change agent for my patients and community. Being an ADA member means I can be a change agent for my peers and our profession. What could be more fulfilling than that?"

- Dr. Nipa Thakkar

Wycoff"I always wanted to be a dentist from the time I was a young child. I have never had a day that I woke up and didn't want to go to the office. I am inspired daily to make a positive difference in the lives of those that I come into contact with. I am also inspired knowing that what I give to our profession in time makes a difference in every facet of the dental team worldwide. Both of these inspirations make me want to continue to volunteer, seek further education and be a role model for anyone that might seek to follow in my footsteps."

- Dr. Douglas Wycoff

Macias "I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was six or seven years old. I loved biology and art. I wondered, what profession can I combine my two passions and I quickly figured out that it was dentistry! To see how people create health through art is amazing."

- Dr. C. Roger Macias


Perrone"I always planned on being a dentist. What I did not plan on was how rewarding dentistry would be. Whether it be seeing my patients smile or giving back through community service, I am so happy to be in this profession!"

- Ms. Sara Perrone

Klingensmith"My patients inspire me everyday with their questions. I love when patients ask me about their oral health and I can help them understand a part of themselves and their body. Patient questions always push me to learn more as well so I can give them an even greater benefit towards their health."

- Dr. Kayla Klingensmith