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Stories of Impact

Annual Meeting in Practice

Read how the annual meeting has impacted your colleagues!

 Dr. Heyen

"Dentist: Out of many, ADA annual meetings are best"
Who: Dr. Don Heyen
Courses: Dr. Pat Allen's Education in the Round on periodontal grafting, and a course on local anesthetics
Take-away: The ADA annual meeting is always worth attending


 Dr. Mark Kotlarek

"At ADA 2015, receive 'revitalizing experience'"
Who: Dr. Mark Kotlarek
Course: Dr. Edward Allen's Education in the Round course on live gum surgery, plus three others
Take-away: I brought back to my office new capabilities and perspectives, as well as a renewed enthusiasm


 Dr. Abby Menke

"Ensure you are fit at ADA 2015"
Who: Dr. Abby Menke
Course: "Dental Professionals: Are You Fit?"
Take-away: The importance of practicing proper ergonomics every single day on every single patient


 Dr. Rachel Hymes

"After ADA 2015, use what you learn"
Who: Dr. Rachel Hymes
Courses: "Sports Dentistry: Trauma Treatment and Prevention," "Oral Health and Dental Management for the Pregnant Patient" and five more
Take-away: Dr. Hymes tailors her CE registration to questions she gets from her patients. This year she hopes to register for courses on sleep disorders and grinding, since patients have been asking her for guidance on those issues.

 Dr. Awla

"ADA 2015 promises variety of courses"
Who: Dr. Daman Kaur Awla
Courses: "Crown-Lengthening Procedures to Enhance Restorative Results" and "Herbal Remedies: The Good, Bad and Unknown"
Take-away: Taken together, the courses showcased the variety of education available at the ADA annual meeting.


 Headshot of Dr. Kristopher Mendoza "Annual meeting inspires new dentists, dental students"
Who: Dr. Kristopher Mendoza
Take-away: The importance of connecting and interacting with students and more established dentists.



 Dr. Hochberg and team

"Atlanta dental implant team energized with ADA CE"
Who: Dr. David Hochberg and his team
Course: Series of courses on soft tissue lasers
Take-away: Dr. Hochberg and his team have attended the annual meeting almost every year for the past 30 years as a way to learn, distinguish their practice and develop teamwork.

 Dr. Urban

"Perio techniques courses drew Massachusetts dentist to his first ADA annual meeting"
Who: Dr. Martin "Marty" Urban
Courses: Root Coverage Grafting of Multiple Teeth in the Maxillary Arch (Dr. Edward "Pat" Allen); When and How to Graft Cervical Lesions; The Key Essentials of Predictable Bone Grafting; The Nuts and Bolts of Drug Interactions.
Take-away: Dr. Urban planned his CE strategy at ADA 2014 to gain knowledge and hands-on exposure to periodontal treatment techniques.

Dr. David Wright Annual Meeting in Practice  "ADA annual meeting CE course helps Michigan dentist save his mother’s life"
 Dr. David Wright
Anatomical Dissections of Occlusion and Implant-Related Structures (Dr. Terry Tanaka)
 Unexpectedly gave Dr. Wright the insight needed to recognize his mother’s blocked carotid arteries and get her life-saving treatment.


 Downtown Dental Group Annual Meeting in Practice "Trip to ADA annual meeting proves invaluable for Kansas dental team"
Who: Downtown Dental Group
Enhanced team collaboration, changed practice’s buying habits, and enabled the team to better evaluate addition of lasers to the practice.      


Dr. Vincent Ip Annual Meeting in Practice "New dentist uses ADA CE to help keep thriving practice humming"
 Dr. Vincent Ip
Courses: Manage Your Periodontal Patients with Techno Power (Dr. Samuel Low); Utilizing Dental Lasers in a Periodontal Environment (Dr. Jim Grisdale); Concepts and Procedures for Predictable Crown Lengthening (Dr. Samuel Low)
Take-away: Implemented new laser perio techniques to improve treatment options for more than half his patient base.


Dr. Tawana Lee Annual Meeting in Practice "Annual meeting CE yields results in and out of the office for past AAWD president"
 Dr. Tawana Lee-Ware
Courses: Top Tips for Posterior Composites (Dr. Lee Ann Brady); Taking Care of #1 (Dr. Barbara Steinberg); See Jane Lead (Amy Morgan)
Take-away: Improved approaches to managing posterior composites.