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Enhancements - April 2017

1. New Organization Field

A new Organization field, located in Aptify's campaign service, can be found on each campaign found on Aptify (see example below).

All campaign records have been updated with the proper organization name/ID. Moving forward anyone wanting to create a new campaign record needs to populate the organization as it’s a required field.

If someone enters a campaign name (that is not from their designated Organization) on the online checkout process of the ADA/state meeting and ADA/state e-catalog webpage, they will receive the following error message(s):



2. Order Cancellation Fee (Per Order Basis)

Aptify provides the ability to charge customers/members a cancellation fee for the entire order as a whole. This functionality come in handy for adding a cancellation fee on a meeting or general products beyond the cancellation/refund deadline.

An organization can choose to charge a cancellation fee on a per product or per order basis or a combination of the two methods.

Below we will discuss the functionality to add a cancellation fee on a Per Order Basis.

Setting Up a Cancellation Fee on a Per Order Basis
Enabling cancellation fees on per order basis in Aptify is as follows.

Create Cancellation Fee Product
This step show you to enable support for cancellation fees for an order as a whole is to create a cancellation fee product. Follow these steps:
1. Open a new record from the Products service.
2. Enter a name for the cancellation fees in the Name field. Normally begin with your State Abbreviations
3. Enter Cancellation Fees in the Category field.
    • For all the users in Aptify we have created this universal Cancellation Fee Category. Category ID: 397 (Please do not modify this category)

   •The GL Accounts from this category should not be allowed to flow down to the cancellation product. Instead you should add your associations own GL accounts to the Cancellation Products itself. Please remember to add a unique Sales and A/R Cancellation Account as shown below.

4. Leave Type set to General.

Cancellation Fee Product

5. Click the Accounting/GL Accounts tab and add an A/R account and a Sales account for the product.

6. Save and close the record.
7. Note that prices and other options are not applicable for a Cancellation Fee product record that is used for applying fees on a per order basis. If you want to use pricing rules or other pricing options, you must set up cancellation fees on a per product basis,
8. Close and reopen the Aptify.
9. Launch the Order Cancellation wizard and enter a test order to cancel.
    • In Step 2 of the wizard, the Cancellation Fee information should now be available.

Cancellation Fee Functionality Enabled

3. Added License Number and License State in the View

As requested, the License Number and License State was addied in the view “New Dentist”, which provides more information about Dentist records.

This view is located under Society views as follows:

4. Added Specialty in the View

As requested, a specialty in the view 'Members by Age Group' was added. This provides more information about Dentist records.

This view is located under Society views as follows:

5. Society Invoice Views Updated to Excllude Cancelled Quotations, Deceased and Suspended Persons

6. New Fields for Table ExtendedPhone_c

There are new fields for table
ExtendedPhone__c, type - Bit

These new fields located on Person form
On the tab – Address Data
Tab - Extended Phones

When user need to update this data – double click a record: