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Society Spotlight

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In an effort to move the needle, North Carolina Dental Society has leveraged several new pilot programs and incentives this year:

Auto-Renewal Incentive
For the last couple years, NCDS has offered giveaways to encourage online renewal. This year, members who renew online and select auto-renew are placed into a monthly drawing for a chance to win:

  • YETI cooler (Nov)
  • Apple TV (Dec)
  • $100 gift card (Jan)

NCDS first sends an email with a renewal link to all members who have not yet renewed and inform them of the incentive. The email allows NCDS to whittle down numbers before paying for printing and postage for a hard-copy mailer, which is sent in December to those who have still not renewed. The state encourages paying online, but also includes mailing address for anyone who prefers not to pay electronically.

NCDS has already seen an uptick – every year they do an incentive, they see spikes the last few days for each incentive.

Invoice Pilot
NCDS created quotes for 50 prospective members so they could see how much it would cost to join. They targeted non-members under 40 years old and further segmented by full active dues (rate 1) and first time active or reinstated (rate 2).

Starbucks Pilot
NCDS targeted 50 current members (half were noted as “at-risk” per ADA’s model) who are due to pay as a rate B in 2019 and sent a $15 gift card to each member one month before renewals were sent out. Along with the gift card, NCDS also included a hand-written note: “As we approach Thanksgiving, we’re thankful that you’re a member…”

Welcoming Dentists into North Carolina
NCDS does an excellent job of reaching out to both members and non-members who have recently relocated to North Carolina. They identify new NC residents via the State Dental Board and send them a copy of Our State, a monthly magazine featuring all things North Carolina, as well as a handwritten note welcoming them to the state.

About a month later, NCDS will send the dentist a promotional video focusing on what a good practice environment North Carolina is and how it doesn’t happen on accident – it’s because of hardworking members.

Champions Program
NCDS used to have ambassadors program, but the program had its challenges as it put dentists in the role of salesperson. This year, NCDS launched the Champions program, where passionate, excited members help build relationships with new and prospective members.

Current members in the program completed a survey on various ways they can help welcome in new members – from having coffee or lunch with someone to being their wingman at a meeting and introducing them to other members.

Focusing on First Year of Membership
Every two weeks, NCDS sends new member welcome kit. Over the next several months, the state will send emails focusing on the following:

  • Welcome video with survey that collects information that’s not on the ADA application (i.e. contact preferences – text/email/phone, hobbies, preferred social events, etc.)
  • Message from district president welcoming them in
  • Make the most out of membership (reminder of benefits – online community, career center, Find-A-Dentist)
  • Video of how the state society helps members dentists
  • Laurel Road information
  • Advocacy video
  • Center for Professional Services email
  • Mentoring program
  • Why North Carolina is a great place to practice
  • Happy anniversary email

To learn more about North Carolina Dental Society's pilots and initiatives, and how you can implement in your society, please contact:

Shelly Dates
Director of Membership and Marketing

Amy Eggenberger
Marketing and Public Relations Manager

We'd love to share your successes! Contact us to have your society featured in our next Society Spotlight.