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Treasurer — Candidate Information

The Board has established the following set of requirements and desirable attributes for those seeking ADA Office of Treasurer:  

  • Desirable attributes to help inform the House’s consideration of candidates for the office of Treasurer: 
  1. Excellent communication skills so as to be able to assist in interpreting Association finances and effectively share financial information with the House of Delegates and the membership;
  2. High integrity; and
  3. Experience with the ADA budget process and finances such as may be obtained from serving as a delegate, trustee, council member or similar service.
  • Requirements for the office of Treasurer to inform the House: 
  1. Be an active, life or retired member, in good standing;
  2. Not be a Trustee or elective officer [other than the sitting Treasurer] of the Association; and
  3. Possess a strong background in finance as evidenced by service in roles such as: treasurer of a Constituent Society or Specialty Organization; member for two or more years of a finance committee or audit committee of a Constituent Society or Specialty Organization; member of a board of directors of a for-profit corporation or for-profit subsidiary of a Constituent Society or Specialty Organization; or any other position(s) providing comparable experience.

Individuals interested in seeking election to the Office of Treasurer in 2018 can apply by submitting the attached curriculum vitae form and a statement of qualifications to the Office of the ADA Executive Director no later than June 21, 2018.

Treasurer Curriculum Vitae Form (DOC) (submit completed Curriculum Vitae Forms to the Office of the Executive Director c/o Diane Ward at