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Medicare Enrollment FAQ

  • Do I need to either enroll in Medicare or formally opt out?
  • If I opt out of Medicare, can I continue to receive payment for services to Medicare beneficiaries under a Medicare Advantage plan?
  • How can I find out which dental items and services are covered by Medicare Part B?
  • I provide Medicare Part B covered items and services. How do I enroll in Medicare?
  • How do I opt out of Medicare?
  • I don't provide Medicare Part B covered items or services, but I do order covered imaging, clinical laboratory, and DMEPOS. How do I enroll?
  • What is "PECOS"?
  • I enrolled in Medicare using Form CMS-855-I, but I don't provide Medicare covered services. Do I need to re-enroll using Form CMS-855-O to order covered imaging services, clinical laboratory services, and DMEPOS?
  • I'm not sure whether I'm enrolled in Medicare. Is there a way to check?
  • What if I enroll in Medicare using CMS-855-O, but later wish to enroll to be reimbursed by Medicare?
  • What happens if someone who isn't enrolled or opted out orders covered imaging services, clinical laboratory services, or DMEPOS?
  • I bill Medicare for imaging services, clinical laboratory services, or DMEPOS. What do I need to do?
  • Which NPI needs to be on the claim: Type I or Type II?
  • How long will it take for my CMS-855-O to be processed?
  • What if the information on my enrollment application changes?
  • What are the recordkeeping requirements for dentists who order covered clinical laboratory services, imaging services, or DMEPOS?
  • What about orders from residents?
  • What is the purpose of this regulation?
  • How can I protect my information in PECOS from identity thieves and persons who want to commit fraud?
  • I’ve heard that CMS will use site visits as a screening activity to make sure only qualified providers and suppliers are enrolled. If I enroll in Medicare, could I be subject to a site visit?
  • CMS will deactivate the enrollment of providers who have not billed Medicare in the last 13 months. Does this apply to dentists?


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Revised February 6, 2020